Urgent call for one volunteer for EU solidarity corps project

Urgent call for one volunteer for EU solidarity corps project

We are currently looking for 1 young (17-30) volunteer form any EU or Neighbouring EU country to be included in the project: “ROW – Rights Of Whom?”.

Through the project the volunteers will have the opportunity to relate with disadvantaged/disabled people and to promote and foster their social inclusion, as well as Human Rights and EU Common Values. Main activities for the volunteers will involve:

– The interaction between with the users of Margherita’s Centres. This means the participation of the volunteers in various activities in support of: disadvantaged and/or disabled people and youth. Main tasks/activities include:

  • Animation activities in the territory (excursions, walks, short travels, etc.);
  • Stimulation interventions and workshops (writing, reading, memory exercises, etc.);
  • Expressive, cognitive and sensory-motor activities (painting, writing, swimming);
  • Social integration labs (recycled paper lab, cultural visits, leisure activities);
  • Technical laboratories of informatics and communication;
  • Social skills workshops (rules of behaviour, processing of moods);
  • Entertainment activities (theatre, cinema);

– Supporting the Cooperative social  and cultural activities. Margherita has new Headquarters with a café and organizes annual festivals. Thanks to this, the volunteers will be able to collaborate to:

  • Co-design and implement public activities (laboratories, courses, events, etc.);
  • Collaborate to the cultural, promotional and fundraising activities of the Cooperative;
  • Sensitize and promote topics concerning human rights and social issues.

We propose long-term stays (8 months) starting as soon as possible.

Place of the activities: Sandrigo, Province of Vicenza, Italy

To express your interest or to require more information please send an email to europacoop@cooperativamargherita.org.

Please, indicate in the email subject line “ESC at Cooperativa Margherita” and explain in the motivation letter to which activities you are more interested in.

We are looking for young people:

  • Interested and motivated int the project and its activities, the work carried out by Margherita and the opportunity to spend time in Italy.
  • Commitment toward volunteerism and solidarity.
  • Willingness to develop intercultural skills and promote EU values.
  • Open-minded, flexible and friendly.
  • Prone to relate to others and to work in group.
  • Interest to enter in relationship with people in need.

If you are willing to understand better the opportunity and related conditions give a look to the info-pack at the link below.

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Giovedì 23 maggio dalle 16:15 alle 17:15 si terrà un evento speciale dedicato ai più piccoli della famiglia, organizzato dalle professioniste di M’ama non M’ama

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Candidatura spontanea

Manda una candidatura spontanea all’indirizzo risorseumane@cooperativamargherita.org allegando cv e una breve lettera di motivazione. Sarai contattato appena ci saranno ricerche aperte in linea con il tuo profilo.