Urgente! Cercasi volontario per SVE in Spagna sul tema della disabilità!

Urgente! Cercasi volontario per SVE in Spagna sul tema della disabilità!

Name of Host Placement: Madrid

Brief Placement Description Betesda


The Betesda Foundation is a non profit organisation established in 1994, with the purpose of contributing to the development of people with learning or physical disabilities, and therefore “The rehabilitation guidance, and education of those suffering from learning or physical deficiencies which prevent them from integrating in society at the same rhythm as other people.”

The Betesda Foundation Residence Belisana, is open 365 days a year, 24h a day and hosts people with different disabilities. The residents usually stay in the Occupational Centre between 9 and 17 hours, and then start with their residence time table. There are two different routines: weekdays and weekends.

Main Aims and Activities

During weekdays there are 2 social integration technicians and 4 careers working in the Residence. The nights are covered by two careers, and in the morning between 7:30 and 9 there are 6 professionals attending the morning routine and conducting the residents to their occupational workshops.

All the activities in the morning are mandatory for the beneficiaries, but in the afternoon there are some mandatory and some voluntary activities. Mandatory activities are all related to personal hygiene, caring for belongings and premises, and creating and maintaining satisfactory personal relations and a social climate. 

Volunteer Tasks & Role

The Fundación Betesda will ask the volunteers to help and support the staff with their daily activities with the disabled people.

The volunteer will participate in the workshops organized in the residence, During the 35-hour workweek (with wood, flowers, music, painting) and leisure activities (cinema, restaurants, theatre, youth festivals, trips to the mountains, etc.). They will be asked to support residents in the care attention (shower, meals, etc.).Volunteers work 35 hours from Monday to Saturday

Volunteer’s Skills

  • An interest in working with disability.
  • Over 18 years of age.
  • Active people with initiative.
  • Willing to co-exist with other volunteers.
  • Aware of disability.
  • Open to experiencing a new culture, language and way of life here in Madrid.
  • Sense of humour and humanity (this is essential).


The Residence is located in the city of Madrid. There are a lot of advantages in living in such a big city as Madrid: a variety of activities and opportunities: cinemas, theatres, exhibitions, museums, restaurants, discos, etc.

The residence is in the City Centre, 500 metres from the Underground. It is well connected, a fact which makes the integration of the volunteer in the city easier.

The Foundation believes the importance of hosting a volunteer is based on the exchange experience it provides to the life in the Residence, which results in the enrichment and the bringing together of European people.

Hosting situation

Accomodation and board will be provided in a individual room into the hosting project.

Practical & Additional Information

Placement should start in March for 9 months.

To Apply send an email with your CV in english to evs@cooperativamargherita.org

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Aperitivo dei piccolissimi

Torna l’Aperitivo dei Piccolissimi! L’appuntamento è fissato per venerdì 28 giugno, dalle 17:30 alle 18:30, presso il Bargherita, situato in via Andretto 7 a Sandrigo.

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Candidatura spontanea

Manda una candidatura spontanea all’indirizzo risorseumane@cooperativamargherita.org allegando cv e una breve lettera di motivazione. Sarai contattato appena ci saranno ricerche aperte in linea con il tuo profilo.