2nd Trasnational meeting of Prolific Project

2nd Trasnational meeting of Prolific Project

The second transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ project PROLIFIC ended a few ours ago. Prolific aims to provide skills to professionals who work with people with disabilities, elderly people and migrant people, improving their awareness regarding the digital world and overcoming digital divide.

The meeting was finally held in person after the first kick off meeting that took place online due to the Pandemic. This allowed us to meet the other partners in Madrid and at the headquarters of Instituto Hermes, one of them. During the meeting we planned the actions that will be carried out in the last year of the project, which will end in December 2022, with the last meeting taking place in Sandrigo.

Thanks to this meeting, we had the opportunity to make an update on the conclusions that emerged from the focus groups conducted by the partners in their countries with the three target groups and the professionals. We have also been discussing the structure and contents that the final software will collect (one of the Intellectual Outputs of the project).

The reflections regarding the approach to digital and technology by people with disabilities, elderly people and migrants were relevant, in order to develop truly personalized content for their support to help them interact with a digital world. If they are not adequately prepared, digital world can become an obstacle and a danger rather than a support to their inclusion. In addition, we have been discussing about the Activity Learning scheduled for May 2022 was discussed, which aims to train professionals such as educators and operators in the use of the software and its contents.

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