Quality Policy

Margherita Soc. Coop. Soc. ONLUS is committed to guaranteeing the greatest possible satisfaction to its Users and Customers, and more generally, to all interested parties, regarding the services offered, through the implementation of all the points of the International Standard ISO9001:2915. In addition, it is committed to ensuring that these services, and the manner in which they are provided, are always in line with the corporate Mission and Vision, through the use of appropriate planning tools such as the three-year development strategy and annual budgets.

Mission: We work in synergy with the resources of the territory and in the contexts of life, so that each person is a protagonist of his or her own existence and an active part of the community. We design and manage services and events promoting citizenship, inclusion, self-determination, participation, information and culture. We address all citizenship and in particular persons with disabilities, the elderly, children and young people. Vision: A socially responsible territory, a community where acceptance, integration and participation are common and shared values.

Finally, Margherita Soc. Coop. Soc. ONLUS has undertaken in recent years a path to implement an appropriate management system with respect to service quality, safety and the environment. The commitment on quality issues was then further extended to the issue of social responsibility through the implementation of all points of the SA8000:2014 International Standard.

The SA8000:2014 standard is ethical and commits Margherita Soc. Coop. Soc. ONLUS on the behaviour towards its workers. The production result and the quality of the work done depend not only on the company’s internal processes but also on the quality and ethics of the supply chain.

This ‘company policy’ therefore describes the commitment to ensure compliance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and SA8000:2014.

With these aims, and considering the need for a continuous analysis of the reference context in which the company operates, Margherita Soc. Coop. Soc. ONLUS defines as reference principles of its Quality Policy:

  1. Focused attention on the customer and the stakeholders of the territories and communities
  2. Process-based approach
  3. Leadership
  4. Risk and Opportunity Assessment
  5. Staff and stakeholder involvement
  6. Ongoing Improvement
  7. Respect for social and ethical standards consistent with the adopted SA8000:2014 corporate responsibility system

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