Welfare as a guide and orientation in the complex world of services and as a response to the social needs of the person, both as a worker and as a citizen.

Loreta Novello

Area Coordinator

Services and projects

Financial education

Training courses for the citizen that guide him towards becoming aware of his own resources to acquire the ability to plan to achieve life goals.

Punto Servizi

Alice Bortolotto – Manager

A free office open to all that offers advice and guidance, helping citizens and companies in activating services.

Company welfare

Valentina Pizzeghello – Manager

In line with company management, we collect and analyze the needs of workers by designing a personalized welfare plan (company butler, nursery, after-school, logistics…).

Psychological teams

Francesca Busolo – Manager

Collaboration with a group of professionals born to respond to the needs related to the mental health of citizens

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