Training is one of the means by which Cooperativa Margherita achieves its mission. It is intended not only as a professionalizing tool, but also as a way to prevent situations of exclusion, poverty and senilism.

For this reason, Margherita organizes various internal and external training activities every year, in partnership with experts and accredited bodies.

In particular, for some years Cooperativa Margherita has been running an OSS course for the Vicenza IPAB. A professional course recognized by the Veneto Region to become a Social-Healthcare Operator, meanig a professional who carries out activities aimed at satisfying the primary needs of an individual, within the sphere of his / her areas of competence, in both a social and medical context. The course is limited and the ways to gain access are indicated in the announcement published during the summer.

Candidatura spontanea

Manda una candidatura spontanea all’indirizzo allegando cv e una breve lettera di motivazione. Sarai contattato appena ci saranno ricerche aperte in linea con il tuo profilo.