Senior Citizens

Services for the elderly and their families to better face the challenges associated with ageing. This is one of the principles of the European Pact on Demographic Change, an objective pursued through a constant reading of the needs of the territory and the consequent updating of existing services and the creation of new projects.

Silvia Carraro

Area Coordinator

Services and projects

In Gaja

Silvia Carraro – Manager

Project aimed at partially self-sufficient elderly people, with Alzheimer’s or principles of dementia, and their families. The centers in Gaja are an opportunity for socialization in which cognitive stimulation and leisure activities are carried out. Family members are provided with advice and training, as well as informal discussion meetings: the Caffè in Gaja.


Alice Bortolotto  – Manager

Social transport service for the elderly and frail people supported by volunteers.
The aim is to allow you to experience everyday life and avoid isolation.

Elderly Home Care (SAD)

Alice Bortolotto  – Manager

Social assistance aimed at non-self-sufficient or partially self-sufficient people, which consists of care, hygiene and support for relational life. Constant dialogue with families and the local area are essential to accommodate specific needs.


Valeria Tamiozzo  – Manager

Every year we organize stays by the sea or in the mountains to encourage moments of relaxation and socializing in environments with different stimuli.

Rural Needs

Michela Saretta – Manager

European project that proposes a new approach to training to respond to the need for qualification and social inclusion of rural contexts. An e-learning platform for family carers and caregivers has been developed.

Ti sento vicino

Barbara Pesavento – Manager

A phone call to keep us company! Telephone assistance service that offers company to counter the risk of isolation of elderly people.

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