Services, projects and educational paths located throughout the territory in which children and young people can express their individuality and autonomy and build a positive thought about their future. This happens through the relationship with other peers, with adults of reference, with the realities and people from their area.

Francesca Pezzin

Area Coordinator

Services and projects

Educational centers

Giulia Gamba – Manager Centro Apollo Valeria Ferraro – manager Centro Volo Arianna Marin – Manager Centro Montecchio Precalcino

Services in support of home care to prevent situations of serious family fragility. The center offers a context of positive growth in which to experience the dimension of the group, autonomy and knowledge of one’s own territory

Projects with schools, After School and Summer Centers

Arianna Marin – Manager

Support, prevention and help actions in co-planning with schools, especially primary and lower secondary schools.

Home Educational Service (SED)

Samantha Feroci – Manager

Service that favors the growth and development of the minor in the family context and beyond. Dialogue, support from parental figures and school support are promoted.
Reports of the various situations come from Social Services, Child Protection and schools.

Orchestra educativa

Valentina Pizzeghello  – Manager

Project to support children and teenagers in their school career by offering opportunities for meeting, entertainment and new experiences during school afternoons.

Youth Policies

Valeria Ferraro – Manager

Activities and projects in which young people are accompanied towards their future in a close relationship with the local area. “Ci sto? Affare fatica!” and the “Bootcamp” are the main projects.

M’ama Non M’ama

Francesca Busolo –  Manager

Training meetings and moments of confrontation between mothers and mothers-to-be. From infant massage, to pediatric first aid, up to listening spaces in which to share joys, fears, worries and emotions.

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