The minor area offers services, projects, educational paths … opportunities aimed at children, teenagers, juveniles, their families and the area they live in. Starting from the reactivation of the resources present, we intend to offer surroundings in which minors and young people can express their individuality and autonomy, build a positive construct of their future, to gain perspective. This occurs through relationships with peers, with adults of reference, with the realities and people in their own environment.

Francesca Pezzin

Coordinator of the minor area


The educational centers for minors are services to support domestic life which operate with the goal of preventing serious situations of fragility such as the removal of the minor from their family. The Center offers an environment of positive growth within which the group size, autonomy and awareness of their own surroundings are experienced. The Volo center of Camisano Vicentino and the Apollo center of Dueville are active in smaller areas.

Valentina Pizzeghello

Head of the Apollo Center

Valeria Ferraro

Flight Center Manager


Cooperativa Margherita promotes and co-designs prevention actions also within schools, in particular primary and secondary schools. There are also extra-curricular services such as a day care center, canteen and pre-reception supervision, services to support school learning, the execution of homework assignments, the enhancement of study methods and a support and reinforcement service regarding studying for children and young people with specific learning disorders.

Francesca Pezzin

Responsible for projects and services with schools


Activities and actions that promote the participation of young people in the area by accompanying them towards their future. The active projects are the Boot Camp project, a residential week for boys and girls aged 12 to 17 centered on the development of transversal and entrepreneurial skills. In addition to this, for some years Cooperativa Margherita has been participating in the Il Giusto Contesto project of the Veneto Region, which enables the activation of free workshops for children aged 16 to 29.

Valeria Ferraro

Responsible for youth policies


The Socio-Educational Support service, activated due to situations of fragility, discomfort and disadvantage, is a territorial home intervention that promotes the well-being of minors and their family through the activation of the resources of the family itself and the area they live in. The reports of the various situations come from Social Services, from the Protection of Minors, from schools.

Francesca Pezzin

Home service manager


The project is aimed at young people involved in critical and bankruptcy paths at school, in job placement or looking for work, and NEET children, not engaged in study, work or training courses. It aims at the reactivation of a positive and proactive outlook towards oneself and the future.

Francesca Pezzin

Tutor project manager


Paths of home intervention in support of parenting and the whole family with the goals of promoting a good relationship of attachment between mother and child, supporting parenting skills and integrating the family into the network of territorial and social services.

Francesca Pezzin

Responsible for the home visiting project

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