Headquarter Project

In 2016, Cooperativa Margherita inaugurated the new headquarters in Sandrigo, in an energy efficient building.

The structure in via Andretto is the result of a co-design work with the area, which lasted for years, is a space full of meanings that tells the identity of Margherita and that performs multiple functions: it is a place for meeting, sharing, cultural elaboration, conception of projects useful for the development of the local community.

Conceived as an intrinsically public place, open and “of all”, the Cooperativa Margherita building has many rooms available to the community for various activities.

Candidatura spontanea

Manda una candidatura spontanea all’indirizzo risorseumane@cooperativamargherita.org allegando cv e una breve lettera di motivazione. Sarai contattato appena ci saranno ricerche aperte in linea con il tuo profilo.