Since 1987 the disability domain of Cooperativa Margherita has been committed to promoting the well-being, inclusion and autonomy for people with disabilities. The interventions aim to encourage the integration of the disabled person into the territorial and relational context that surrounds them, paying attention to their subjective rights such as participation and citizenship, whilst also adhering to the needs of their family.

Alice Segalina 

Coordinator of the disabled area


Caleido is a day center that welcomes people with different levels of disabilities. It is a space where personal skills are discovered and strengthened, the capacity for expression and autonomy is stimulated, and where it is possible to communicate in an easy way.

During their stay in the center, people with disabilities carry out various activities and workshops such as ceramic painting, recycled paper, gardening and physical activity.

The Caleido day center is authorized and accredited according to the LR 22/2002. More information

Mariachiara Pittoni

Service manager


The agency is a service that aims to encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities through paths of inclusion into a normal social and work environment, beyond the cooperative, enhancing and recognizing the skills, attitudes and resources of each person.

Alongside the external routes, various workshops within the cooperative are offered, such as IT and social networks, cooking, carpentry, expressive and autobiographical workshops, library management, as well as a permanent graphics laboratory (Labografica) which also produces material for external clients.

Consuelo Feroldi

Service manager


Home service for people with disabilities with approaches of assisting or educational nature.

Samantha Feroci

Service manager


Service for the integration of people with disabilities through leisure activities such as trips, dinners, courses.

Alice Segalina 

Service manager


Project to encourage the inclusion of people with mental disabilities through the development of a web platform that allows users to share and review places and inclusive activities! Funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union, it is managed by Cooperativa Margherita in collaboration with 5 other partners from Italy, Spain and Lithuania.

Francesca Busolo

Service manager


Project promoting the autonomy – including housing – of people with disabilities managed as leader of the network The future is now, with 14 other partners in the area.

The network was born following the call promoted by AULLS 8 relating to Law 112/2016 “After us”, with the aim of creating a project aimed at people with disabilities “During Us and After Us” beyond traditional service models.

Francesca Busolo

Service manager

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