Promote the inclusion of the person with a disability in the local and relational context that surrounds them, paying attention to their individual rights such as participation and citizenship, and at the same time to the needs of the family.

Paola Perin

Area Coordinator

Services and projects


Paolo Martini – Manager

Day center that welcomes people with different levels of disability, a place of relationship and meeting where you can strengthen personal skills. Various workshops stimulate the ability to express oneself and be independent.
Authorized and accredited according to LR 22/2002. More information

Agenzia Territoriale

Maria Chiara Pittoni – Manager AT Sandrigo Anna Zanini – Manager AT Grisignano di Zocco

Service that aims to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities with integration paths in normal work and social contexts, enhancing the skills, aptitudes and resources of each person. Internal laboratories are active such as computer science, cooking, carpentry, library management and graphics (Labographic), which also produces materials for external clients.

Home service for people with disabilities (SDD)

Samantha Feroci – Manager

It provides assistance and/or educational interventions, often presents itself as the only form of connection with the outside world.
Educators and operators form authentic and solid bonds capable of breaking down barriers.

Dopo di Noi

Mara Pigato – Manager

The project favors the autonomy of people with disabilities, working on housing autonomy. The doors of a barrier-free home are opened and families participate in this growth process.


Paola Perin – Manager

Service for the integration of people with disabilities through leisure activities such as trips, dinners and courses.


Elisa Menon – Manager

Every year we organize weeks of relaxation and recreation by the sea or in the mountains, creating opportunities for fun by building ties and relationships.


Lisa Campagnaro  – Manager

Service to support children and young people with disabilities, provides afternoon activities and workshops that allow you to experiment, develop skills, life and relationship autonomy through socialization with peers.

Mind Inclusion

Valeria Zanon – Manager

Project to promote inclusion through an App in which to share and review places and activities with respect to their level of inclusiveness. Funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

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