Developed within the Caleido day center and established in 2017, the * BarGherita is not a simple bar, but an intersectional space between the interior and exterior of the cooperative. A place offering events and initiatives where one can sip a coffee or eat a sandwich served by a boy with a disability, a space where the cooperative offers the community opportunities for relaxation, recreation, training and growth. Over time, the * BarGherita has become a real reference point for families, a baby friendly place where you can have a coffee with friends or an aperitif with your husband while your child has fun in the play corner or during one of the many workshops organized in the afternoon!

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Candidatura spontanea

Manda una candidatura spontanea all’indirizzo risorseumane@cooperativamargherita.org allegando cv e una breve lettera di motivazione. Sarai contattato appena ci saranno ricerche aperte in linea con il tuo profilo.