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Candidature aperte per volontari SVE – Scadenza 20/12/2017


Are you looking for a volunteering experience? Would you like to help disadvantaged people and youth producing positive impacts at the community level? Would you like to stay in Italy and learn a new language?

Cooperativa Margherita has some opportunities you might want to check out!

For our new project we are currently looking for 3 young (17-30) and motivated EVS volunteers form Spain, Germany and Greece to be included in the following activities:

– The interaction between the volunteers and the users of Margherita’s Centres. This means the participation of the volunteers in various activities in support of: disadvantaged and/or disabled people and youth, elderly with Alzheimer or other cognitive problems, children and minors in need of special protection and/or with disadvantaged backgrounds (including immigrants or descendant from immigrants families). This might include:

  • Animation activities in the territory (excursions, walks, etc.);
  • Stimulation interventions and workshops (writing, reading, memory exercises, etc.);
  • Participate in meetings with family members, caregivers, family assistants;
  • Expressive, cognitive and sensory-motor activities (painting, writing, swimming);
  • Social integration labs (recycled paper labs, cultural visits, leisure activities);
  • Support for hygiene/personal care;
  • Technical laboratories of informatics and communication;
  • Social skills workshops (rules of behaviour, processing of moods);
  • Territorial integration, in collaboration with other entities and associations;
  • Evening entertainment (theatre, cinema);
  • Climatic stays and excursions at the seaside or mountains;

– Supporting the Cooperative social  and cultural activities. Margherita has new Headquarters with a café and new multifunctional rooms. The new Headquarters are intended as an open space to promote territorial animation and social initiatives directed to the citizens in general but focused also in attracting youth (including those with disadvantaged backgrounds). Moreover the Cooperative along the years is increasing its role of cultural centre. Thanks to this, the volunteers will be asked to:

  • Help in the management of new the facilities, establishing a direct contact on the territory with the purpose of creating new integration opportunities;
  • Co-design and implement public activities to involve, not only the users of the centers, but also youth and citizens (laboratories, courses, events, etc.);
  • Collaborate to the cultural, promotional and fundraising activities of the Cooperative;
  • Sensitize and promote topics concerning human rights and social issues;
  • Support the management of “no-working” activities, i.e. the free-time within individual projects, etc.;
  • Strength the links with the wider social environment.

We propose long-term stays (12 months) starting from January 2018.

Place of the activities: Sandrigo, Province of Vicenza, Italy

If you want to apply, send your CV (European format) and Motivation letter (no more than one A4 page) in English at the following adresses:

Please, indicate in the email subject line “EVS at Cooperativa Margherita” and explain in the motivation letter to which activities you are more interested in.

We are looking for young people:

  • Interested and motivated about the project and the opportunity to spend time in Italy;
  • Commitment toward volunteerism as a way to help the others in an altruistic and genuine way;
  • Interested in the work carried out by our Cooperative and social work in general;
  • Predisposed to relate to others and to act in a work-group;
  • Open-minded, friendly and flexible;
  • Interested to enter into relationship with people in need;
  • Willing to develop intercultural skills and promote EU values;

Deadline for submitting application: 15th November 2017.


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